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Gym- Group Fitness Paihia Russell Opua

Meet Our Coaches & Community

We are proud to be ExerciseNZ Awards Winner - Personal Trainer of the Year 2021

This award represents a philosophy that runs throughout OutFit North.

A philosophy based on creating a community that empowers our clients to achieve sustainable health and lifestyle changes AND we are authentic, you'll find everyone from our clients to our coaches are just regular people with awesome personalities and amazing attitudes.

Read below about the stories that led our coaches to OutFIt North


What our inspirational community gets up to outside of training times.




Business Owner & Head Coach

Winner of Personal Trainer of the Year 2021


- PT Level 4 

- Nutrition Diploma 

- Boxing Coach 

- Pregnancy & Post-Natal 

- Female Health & Performance Coach 

I'm Nadine Nel– born and bred in the Bay of Islands.


Last year I won New Zealand Personal Trainer of the year. I am extremely proud to showcase our Northland achievement!


After 10 years of studying, working, and traveling, I moved back to this slice of paradise to start community-focused fitness classes.


I started OutFit North in January 2019 – and it spread like wildfire! What started as Bootcamp classes on the Paihia School Field and 8-10 PT sessions per week has now expanded to 7+ types of classes across 3 locations; Russell, Opua, and Paihia.


Today, myself and my team of 6 coaches run 40+ classes per week training over 150+ clients...

When I'm not coaching classes you can usually find me at the beach surfing, walking with my golden retriever 'Moki', or mountain biking with my new husband Chris.

I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, so I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing a laugh and a burpee or two ;)

Pesonal Trainer of the Year 2021

If you want to read about my top tips for staying active in Northland have a read:

Coach Chris


- Group Fitness

- Strength & Conditioning

- Mobility Coach

- PT Level 4   

- Continence NZ Pelvic Floor Workshop 2021

Growing up in Wellington and coming from a very active family I spent much of my childhood outdoors on some form of adventure, normally in a mild state of discomfort. The Wellington wind normally meant that even a flat surface somehow seemed like up hill.

Having always been active it has taken time for me to truly realize how important it is to do the hard yards for my health so that I can get the most out of my everyday. These days it is less about being competitive and more about being about rolling out of bed and having a sweat with the Outfit North gang. As I always say ‘the hardest part is turning up’.

Last year my biggest achievement was to sit my 500 tonne chief engineer marine license and then chuck it all in and become a land lover and re-qualify as an exercise professional.

My ultimate goal is to grow men’s health in the Bay of Islands so that I can have more guys around me living their best lives. Lets face it, the ladies of OutFit North are a hard act to follow. Fish more, dive deeper, catch more waves, pedal faster and have more energy. More importantly squeeze every second of extra time in with those you love. These are just a few of the things I hope to achieve with all of you.


Manager/ Head Coach

BoxFit Instructor

Strength Coach

- 'Counterpunch' BoxFit Instructor

- 'Counterpunch' for Parkinsons

- Continence NZ Pelvic Floor Workshop 2021

- PT Level 4  

-  Ritchie Patterson Olympic Weightlifting Level 1

Kia Ora - my name is Cat and I am the Manager/ Head Coach at Outfit North, here in the amazing Bay of Islands.

I have been training with OutFit North since day one and absolutely love the kaupapa of our Outfit community! 

My passions are Boxing and Strength work. I coach our Boxfit, Probox & Strength and Conditioning sessions. I love seeing the growth in confidence our clients get and the huge range in age/ ability and experience in our demographic. Fitness is for everyone and we represent that proudly!

Come along and try one of my classes - you'll meet some great people, have a laugh and improve more than just your fitness level.

I look forward to welcoming you! 

Coach Cat.jpg
Yoga Instructor


Yin Yoga Instructor

Yin Yoga Cert

Kia ora, I am originally from Ireland but after meeting a kiwi in Scotland the Bay of Islands has been home for the last 15 years.


I discovered yoga about 8 years ago and fell in love with the practice. Funnily enough I found Yin yoga by mistake reading the wrong schedule at a yoga studio in Auckland but it was obviously meant to be! The amazing thing with Yin is it accessible to all body types and fitness levels.  A simple potent practice that can be made challenging or restorative.


In my spare time I’ve become much more interested in complimentary holistic treatments and have completed my first two levels of Reiki training.

I also love to get outside and to the beach as much as I can. As soon as my feet hit the sand I’m at my happy place. I can't wait to share the Yin experience with you all :)

Dani Benjamin

Circuit/ Strength Coach

- PT Level 4

- Continence NZ Pelvic Floor Workshop 2021

I’m Dani 😊 You may have seen me bouncing around the group fitness classes while I’ve been completing my Personal Training apprenticeship in the background. I’m super pumped to take over the Monday 6 am circuit class 👊🏼⁠

I’m still relatively new to the Bay of Islands. I arrived on a small sailing yacht with my partner in November 2020 after living in the UK for 5 years and deciding to buy a sailboat and head home the slow way. It took us a year and a half to make it to NZ, we got a little caught up halfway in a Pandemic but it was still the best adventure of my life.⁠

If you’re looking for me, you’ll probably find me having a fang in the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park. I’m obsessed.⁠

So set yourself up for success and start your week off strong by joining me at the Monday morning circuit.

See you there ✌🏼⁠

Group Fitness Coach
Coach Tracy.jpg

Tracy O'Flaherty

Semi-Private Strength Coach & Personal Trainer at The Duke Russell

PT Level 4

Kia Ora everyone, my name is Tracy, and I was born and raised in the beautiful Russell township here in the Bay of Islands.

Growing up in an active family I have always had such a passion for health, fitness and wellbeing and I cannot wait to share
it with you all.


In my spare time you can find me with my head stuck in a good novel, at the beach, out fishing or walking my dog. She is a 1-year-old chocolate Labrador which means she is a big ball of energy!

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the Outfit North family and cannot wait to meet all of you amazing people.

Rhonda Williams 

BoxFit Coach

Kia Ora, my name is Rhonda, and I am from the beautiful Bay of Islands.

I joined OutFit North three years ago and absolutely loved what they offered.

I currently work in our local hospital with the Allied Health Team after spending over 20 years out on the water in the Bay!

Like most kiwis, I have been involved in a lot of group sports and fitness which is why I enjoy what is offered by OutFit North.

I really enjoyed the Box Fit classes and was given the chance to attend one of Shane Cameron’s CounterPunch Boxing courses and now teach Box\Fit in Paihia which I thoroughly enjoy.

Lindsay portrait.jpg

Lindsay le Roux

Pilates Mat Instructor

- Physiotherapist at Bay Physio

- Pilates Mat Course Cert

- Pregnancy & Exercise Cert

Originally from South Africa, I have been in the beautiful Bay of Islands since early 2022!


Practicing as a physiotherapist, I quickly learned the importance of exercise, and that prevention is better than cure! Determined to understand the body, its capabilities, and its movement even better, I came across and fell in love with, pilates. I spent my 2020 perfecting my pilates and becoming certified as an instructor.

In my spare time, you can find me on one of New Zealand's many beautiful walking trails or beaches, exploring my new home, or petting someone's dog.

I am so excited to be meeting all of you, and helping you find and strengthen your center!

Jamaica Zessner

Apprentice PT

Group Fitness Instructor

Kia Ora e te whanau!
My name is Jamaica, and I have finally settled back in to the incredible Bay of Islands, with my family, after being away for so long.

Since being back, I immediately jumped into the Outfit North Community and have loved it

I have always had a love for health and fitness and all that it encompases and because of that love, I have recently stepped into a role with Outfit North as a Fitness Coach. An exciting
chance to growing further with everyone in the Outfit North Community!

My goals will steer me in the direction of nutrition because as we all know, how we nourish ourselves, is just as important as how we physically create a healthy lifestyle.

Outfit Profile.jpeg

Ollie Barnett

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Coach

- PT Level 4 Qualification

Hello, my name is Ollie. Originally from Christchurch, I have spent the last 3 years studying Physiotherapy in Auckland. I am stoked to have relocated to the Bay of Islands to complete
my final year, which will involve hands on training around the community.

I have always been passionate about exercise and have been a personal trainer for over 5years working in many commercial gyms across New Zealand. I've had the opportunity to help all kinds of people achieve their goals from competitive athletes to those just getting started with their fitness journey.

My top exercises in the gym would be squats, deadlifts, and bench press as I nerd out on biomechanics and love how small adjustments can lead to significant strength increases over time.
When I’m not in the gym you can find me spearfishing and running the epic trails around the bay.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Iona Thorold

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Kia Ora, I am Iona!
Originally from the UK, after leaving home in 2018 and exploring many different countries I have found myself a new home in the beautiful Bay of Islands.


I started a holistic path with mindfulness and Reiki around 6 years ago and since then have continued to dive deeper into exploring the mind and body connection. This is what led me to
yoga! Having completed my 200HR multi style yoga teacher training, I am so excited to share what I have learnt and to learn from all of you!

I choose to teach Vinyasa as this feels most in tune with who I am, connecting with the breath and letting that guide you into the next position while working up some heat and releasing
tension as we flow through the class together.
I can’t wait to meet new faces and become part of the wonderful OutFit North community!

Coach Iona

This is what our community gets up to!!
There is never a dull moment on the OutFit North Calendar, bringing our community together!
We love everything that the Bay of Islands has to offer, and make sure our clients do too!

OutFit North Christmas Party

Gym- Group Fitness Paihia Russell Opua
Gym- Group Fitness Paihia Russell Opua
Gym- Group Fitness Paihia Russell Opua
Gym- Group Fitness Paihia Russell Opua
Gym- Group Fitness Paihia Russell Opua

Beach Clean Up

Community Group Fitness Northland
Community Group Fitness Northland
Community Group Fitness Northland

Weekend Adventures

Community Group Fitness Northland
Community Group Fitness Northland
Community Group Fitness Northland
Community Group Fitness Northland

Dress up days!

Gym Northland Group Fitness Bay of Islands
Gym Northland Group Fitness Bay of Islands
Gym Northland Group Fitness Bay of Islands
Gym Northland Group Fitness Bay of Islands
Gym Northland Group Fitness Bay of Islands

Join our community!
We are all about connecting like-minded individuals who share the same ethos in life 
'Healthy is not a lifestyle... it is a way of life!!"


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